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t-Rail Specifications

Travel Speed
Up to 1.5 m/s (5 ft/s)
1 m/s2 (3.3 ft/s2)
Load Capacity
Up to 120 lbs
Max Product Size
~ 30” x 25” x 20”
Delivery Mechanism
Totes & Tilting Hopper
Induction Mode
Automatic & Manual
Charge Method
Full Charge Time
5 - 8 mins
Run Time Per Charge
2-4 hrs
Battery Type
Lithium Titanate
Battery Life
~ 5 years
Ambient Temperature (noncondensing)
14°F - 131°F

The t-Rail is an overhead transport robot capable of carrying one or more packages or cartons of varying sizes through warehouses and distribution centers with speed and accuracy.  Its elevated design allows for continuous movement without disruption to floor-level activities.  The t-Rail system can be deployed in a wide range of fulfillment and distribution operations including wholesale, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, cross-dock, shipping and more.