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Tompkins International at ProMat 2017

Published: May 15 2017
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Tompkins International Staff
Tompkins International Staff

For more information, please visit: https://www.tompkinsinc.com/ Over the past year Tompkins International has been developing a holistic vision of warehouse operations for the future, and we call this The Connected Warehouse™. The Connected Warehouse™ integrates three key elements: people, processes, and automation, to reinvent the warehouse environment for the Digital Age.

We have partnered with SensorThink ™ to bring The Connected Warehouse™ to life, providing the first digital platform built for the demands of the warehouse. We now can easily deploy the Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the warehouse, providing access to information previously unavailable. Every piece of information flowing through the warehouse can be collected, processed, archived, and analyzed; allowing one to manage operations in a way never before possible. For the first time, SensorThink™ ties all of the elements of production, performance, and execution into one platform. The other key component of The Connected Warehouse™ is the Tompkins Warehouse Execution System (WES). The Tompkins WES sits on the SensorThink™ platform, and orchestrates communications and task execution with material handling sub-systems, technology platforms, and functions typically handled by traditional warehouse management system packages. Together, they enable The Connected Warehouse™.

Tompkins Robotics has joined forces with Lab Z to introduce an innovative material handling sortation system, called t-Sort. Together the two companies bring this robotic technology to North America for the first time, helping to build world-class supply chains by providing unmatched flexibility and throughput. t-Sort is a tilt tray sorter, utilizing robots that operate independently of each other. This system is capable of sorting items for orders and parcels for shipping in a common and integrated process. The robots recharge automatically by returning to a charging station as needed. For more information, please visit: https://www.tompkinsinc.com/