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Tompkins International Discusses its Core Competencies Ecosystem

Published: Apr 10 2019
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Tompkins Robotics Staff
Tompkins Robotics Staff

During a Wednesday press conference, Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International (Booth S4250), provided an overview of the company’s core competencies ecosystem, which includes Tompkins Robotics.

Offering live product demonstrations, Tompkins explained the benefits of Tompkins Robotics, the world’s first portable, automated unit and parcel sortation system. Implemented within five to seven months (roughly 50% less than most sorter lead times), the sortation system—branded as t-Sort and t-Sort Plus—can be charged within five to eight minutes and run for three to four hours per charge.

Ranging in payloads from 5 kg (t-Sort) to upwards of 30 kg and 55 kg (t-Sort Plus), the system also features manual or robotic induction (t-Sort) or manual or automated induction (t-Sort Plus).

“Not to mention,” Tompkins said, “the system’s multi-level and direct divert to destination can also reduce space by 67%, which is critical in today’s warehouse.”

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