While initially conceived as a parcel sortation solution, Tompkins Robotics has evolved the t-Sort suite across a wide range of supply chain and distribution applications.  Our ingenuity and decades of experience in the design of operations has resulted in a line of products with the ability to provide previously unseen modularity, flexibility, and speed of implementation, at a lower cost over traditional solutions.  Tompkins Robotics has developed a solution in its t-Sort product suite that can enhance almost every step in the supply chain.  Overviews of the most common applications are shown below:

e-commerce Fulfillment

Wide range of product handling capabilities, facilitates batch picking of intensive SKU operations and provides a superior unit sortation to traditional fixed track systems.

Retail Location Backroom Design

World’s first portable, modular, automated system for items and parcels.  Facilitates inbound sortation to aisle segment, outbound e-commerce and BOPIS and automates order consolidation.  System can also sort parcels to local post offices – next day delivery at lowest cost.

Supplement Existing Sites

Allows a small system to be added to a site – acts like an automated, large put wall – saves labor, money and capital with a large capacity increase with minimal impact to existing operations.

Store Replenishment

Sorts both directly into a store bound container or to chutes for pack out.  Can continuously track contents, cube, and weight.  Provides a much less labor intensive process through sort to shipping container ability for most products.

Large DC/FC

Up to 1,000,000 units a day in a single site in specially configured designs and multiple systems can be integrated in a single facility.

Small DC/FC

Allows automation across a customer base never before tapped.  Cost, modularity, phased installation, savings and performance allow smaller companies and operations to benefit.

Returns/Inbound Sortation

Highly effective for returns sortation and loose item sortation/consolidation in receiving.

Parcel Sortation

Provides a flexible and expandable parcel sortation solution that can handle carton, mailers and bags on the same system and divert into a wide range of receptacles.

Postal Sortation at Local Terminal

Allows postal operations to sort parcels, mailers and e-commerce volumes at the postal route hub for Amazon, SurePost, SmartPost, returns, etc. using a version of the Backroom Design.  Can be configured to sort by route and stop sequence.

Entire Supply Chain

Unique ability to enhance and improve all Supply Chain flows at every tier of operation.  National to local store or DDU.

In response to COVID-19 and limiting travel, Tompkins Robotics is now offering interactive virtual tours using a variety of stationary and roaming cameras throughout the facility.  We have the capability to demonstrate five t-Sort systems with various configurations, robots and functionalities.  The main demonstration system includes three different induction types: manual, robotic and A-frame.  Our systems are capable of e-commerce order fulfillment, store replenishment, backroom and parcel / postal sortation.  We can demonstrate the original t-Sort robotic system in multiple dual level configurations and an elevator system to move robots between the levels.  Our larger t-Sort Plus robots run on single level systems with both tilt tray and crossbelt options.  In the very near future we will demonstrate the new t-Sort Mini in an additional system. We have a wide variety of inventory to demonstrate products including general merchandise, apparel, grocery, fragile goods, odd sizes and shapes and a wide range of product weights.  You will also have a chance to learn about the technologies that are integrated into our system such as automated induction, automated charging, integrated weight and dimension capture, our proprietary wireless network and Warehouse Execution System (WES), new innovations such as our automated sorter exit solution and more.  And if mobility and flexibility are important to you, we can demonstrate how easy it is to reconfigure a system, remove or add a sort table, and even fold a table into a smaller footprint for move or transport.